Visit from La Boissière

You are in the heart of the region which has the most historic sites for visiting in the world. And from our location you are within an hour’s drive of most of these sites. From amongst these sites we have selected a few:

Close to La Boissiere and known as one of France’s most beautiful villages is Lavardin which is a great place for walks. The ruins of its’ impressive fortified castle and its’ charming little streets and fields make it an ideal wandering tour.

Trôo a little further down the Loir valley also has great charm and its’ houses carved into the rock walls make for interesting visits.

With its’ canals and old bridges, Vendôme has aspects of a little Venice with a charming town centre and is well worth a visit!

Signs of Ronsard are everywhere in the region. By passing through Croixval in the direction of Couture you can visit his residence , la Possonnière.

You can dedicate several hours to meandering through Tours’ historic town centre. By setting out from the “place Plumereau” you can observe the architecture changing as the town grew over the course of the centuries

The road down to Tours also provides you with the wine growing villages of Vouvray and Montlouis who in their own rights are pretty and whose wine growers are happy to receive you for wine tasting in their numerous caves.

Amboise, slightly upriver (Loire) from Tours is an ideal spot for visiting with children. Its’ imposing castle dominating the Loire and its’ large market (on occasions Mick Jagger can be seen wandering through) make it a wonderful place to spend time. Furthermore, the “Clos Luce” in which Leonardo da Vinci spent his twilight years is open for visits and displays recreations of some of his incredible creations..

A few more kilometres and the Chateau de Chenonceau can be visited. Spanning over the river Cher it is stunning in its’ beauty and has some interesting labyrinths in its’ gardens.

Not to be missed either is the magnificent Chateau of Chambord and on the 1st of May the town hosts one of France’s most beautiful antique fairs.

For those interested in the knights and the Templars, the Commanderie d’Arville will provide entertainment for the young and not so young.

At an hour’s drive from La Boissiere, by passing through Langeais, Villandry or Azay le Rideau you can visit the Abbey of Fontevreau. After the statue of Richard the Lionheart you can visit the artisanal soap makers of Martin de Candre with which we have equipped your rooms to provide maximum comfort.